Introducing Steve Koerber

No 3 Salesperson
Ray White New Zealand 2018 & 2019

No 7 Salesperson
Ray White International 2018 & 2019

Charimans Elite 2018, 2019 & 2020

Steve Koerber loves Remuera. His name often comes to mind when people buy and sell in Remuera’s dynamic real estate market. Steve’s love of the area in which his family lives, learns, and works is genuine and passionate.  

With the knowledge and experience that comes with more than 1000 local sales for a combined value over a billion dollars, Steve’s reputation has been hard-earned, performing at the highest levels since 1998.

During the three years preceding 2020, Steve sold 2.3 times more Remuera homes than anyone (103 sales versus 45). From January 2020 until June 2021, Steve sold 83 Remuera homes. Putting this market leadership into perspective, the second most active agent in the suburb sold 22 homes in the same period of time, meaning that he now sells three times more homes than the next top agent. His local market knowledge is literally second to none – and he’s never too busy to help you.

Within Ray White International (13,000+ salespeople), Steve is ranked in the top 25 in the world in terms of residential sales revenue. Throughout his career he has supported the local community through close personal connections with local schools and small business owners.

Steve works daily with his wife and sales associate Nila. Together they have seven children and employ three dedicated team members, Trudy, Dominic and Matt, who expertly assist with marketing and administration. Steve & Nila have an innate ability to connect and communicate with their customers and clients to create winning solutions again and again. 

The most important question however is “what can Steve & Nila do for you?” The answer is clear. Should you choose to work with them, they are in a unique position to add significant value to your next real estate transaction.

Click here to learn more about Steve & Nila – The real estate couple with grand designs

Meet The Rest of Our Dedicated Team

NILA KOERBER     Sales Associate | Client Care

I love looking after people and making them happy. I take care of our squad with endless cups of tea and I take care of our clients. I arrange keys, staging, gardeners, building inspections, flowers, gifts, signage, auction nibbles, viewings, meetings and much much more.   However, what I do best and add most value, is brainstorming with Steve about our current negotiations and marketing ideas. I have an innate ability to find solutions.

Steve and I don’t watch TV in the evening, we walk our dog Rudi all around Remuera and bounce ideas off each other.  We have so much fun finding solutions and getting homes sold for amazing prices.

TRUDY JAKEMAN     Marketing  |  Database Management

I live outside the square.  Being creative is in my blood.  I design unique marketing material to help make your property stand out in a crowded marketplace.  I brand your home and Photoshop your photos until they’re perfect. 

I’ll often work well into the night at home to get things just right.   I’m constantly on the Internet researching the latest trends in international property branding and marketing.  

I maintain Steve’s amazing customer database and help him get your home in front of as many buyers as possible.  I track and record every listing and sale in Remuera.  Steve and I share that passion for the suburb we love.  The quarterly report is my baby and I want it to be useful, informative and world-class. 

MATT RYKEN    Administration |  Social Media

I’m calm, adaptable and not easily flustered.  When I’m asked to do something new I’m good at finding a way to do it.  

I enjoy and contribute to regular squad brainstorming sessions.  I manage all social media and look for ways to creatively expose your property to the widest audience possible.   I coordinate your weekly marketing report and make sure you are receiving accurate up to date information about the market and customers who view your home.

I administer all sales programs from start to finish.

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